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What is Deck.Toys?

Deck.Toys is a new and exciting classroom engagement platform made for you and your students. Deck.Toys makes it incredibly easy to create interactive lessons that your students love.

Supported Devices

Deck.Toys works on any internet-connected device with Chrome, Safari or Firefox web browsers including Chromebooks, iPads, laptops and even smartphones.

For deck creation, a laptop or desktop is recommended.

Is Deck.Toys free?

Yes! Deck.Toys has a full-featured free plan. If you would like to create more classrooms and private decks, you may upgrade to a Pro plan.

Also, students connecting to your classroom may access for free.

How do students connect to my classroom?

Share the unique classroom web address to your students directly during the lesson or via your LMS. Then, students may join your classroom instantly with their Google or Microsoft accounts.

Not using Google or Microsoft accounts? Students may still join your classroom as a guest or with a new username & password.

Are there ready-made Decks for use with my students?

Of course! The Deck Gallery has ready-made lessons ranging from Language Arts, Maths, Science and many other subjects in many languages. You may also make a copy of the lessons to make your own modifications.

There is also a Learning Paths Wizard for you to automagically create complete lessons within minutes.

Have any questions?

Contact us here. We are also available on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and Youtube.

Thousands of teachers are engaging students with Deck.Toys now!

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