$ 0

Full-featured experience

2 Classrooms
Up to 3 Private Decks
Create up to 100 Public Decks
Up to 40 Students per Classroom
7-day Classroom data retention
Assign up to 2 Decks per Classroom at a time
Share Deck Public only


$ 8 / month

US$ 96 billed annually

10 Classrooms
100 Private Decks
Create up to 200 Public Decks
Up to 60 Students per Classroom
30-day Classroom data retention
Assign up to 10 Decks per Classroom at a time
Share Deck With Link or Public
Exclusive access to new features and apps


Domain-wide access for all teachers

All PRO Features
Priority Customer Support

Is the Free plan really free?

Yes! The Deck.Toys Free plan has all the features for you to engage your students.

What is the difference between Free and Pro?

The Pro plan allows you to create 10 concurrent classrooms and up to 100 private decks. The complete comparison is shown above.

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept credit cards (Visa, Mastercard and American Express). Do contact us if you or your school need alternative payment methods.

How do students connect to my classroom?

Share the unique classroom web address to your students directly during the lesson or via your LMS. Then, students may join your classroom instantly with their Google accounts.

Not using Google? Students may still join your classroom as a guest or with a new username & password.

Am I able to track my students' progress?

Yes! You may also generate a report for your whole classroom. Students data are stored for at least 7 days on the Free plan and 30 days on the Pro plan.

Have any further questions?

Chat with us or fill the contact form. We are also available on Facebook and Twitter.

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